doctoral degrees Curriculum and Instruction Ed.D.

The Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction is a rigorous, collaborative, interdisciplinary program between the departments of Early Childhood Education and Middle and Secondary Education, in the College of Education and art, music, and foreign language education in the College of Arts and Sciences.

This degree offers an interdisciplinary approach across pre-kindergarten through secondary levels in multiple content areas, art, early childhood and elementary education, language and literacy, mathematics, middle level, foreign language, music, science and social studies education.

Who is the degree designed for?

The degree is designed for curriculum leaders who may hold other roles in schools such as (assistant principals, classroom teachers, coaches, curriculum developers, department chairs, principals, subject/content area coordinators at the school or county level, and clinical faculty).

Students who complete this degree and the Georgia state approved content assessment will be eligible for the new Curriculum and Instruction service certificate at the S7 level.  Students must hold a valid clear and renewable, level 4 or higher Georgia Teaching (T), Service (S), Technical Specialist (TS), or Leadership (L or PL) certificate at time of admission in your field of study, complete a minimum of 9 hours of concentration coursework (must align with previously held certification/endorsement field).

Students in the Early Childhood and Elementary Education concentration and the Mathematics Education concentration may be eligible for the K-5 Mathematics Endorsement. To apply for the endorsement, students should complete the online application here. Once students complete the endorsement, they should also submit the endorsement completion form here.

What can I do with this degree?

You might be employed by public and private schools, school systems and other educational entities in the Atlanta metro area, the state of Georgia, and in national and international schools and organizations.

Embracing the principles of social justice, the Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction emphasizes innovation, diversity and advocacy in PK-12 settings.

Committed to our metropolitan community, while simultaneously extending our influence nationally and globally, we focus on excelling in three areas:

  1. conducting leading research on culture, learning and human development
  2. preparing high quality education and human development professionals in critical need areas
  3. serving the community

Course description and classes

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Program Contact

Caroline C. Sullivan, Ph.D.

What you’ll need to apply

The program consists of 45 hours of course work and nine hours of dissertation work for a total of 54 hours. The majority of the program will be offered through evening classes at the downtown campus throughout the year in the fall, spring and summer semesters.

Admissions Information

Ed.D. Program Coordinator: Caroline C. Sullivan, Ph.D.

Ed.D. Program Committee:

Position Faculty
Co-Chair Dr. Caroline Sullivan
Co-Chair Dr. Gary Bingham
Past Chair Dr. Joyce Many
Art Dr. Melody Milbrandt
Early Childhood Education Dr. Caitlin Dooley
Foreign Language Dr. Peter Swanson
Language and Literacy Dr. Ja Young Choi
Mathematics Dr. Pier Junor Clarke
Middle Level Education Dr. Stephanie Cross
Music Dr. Patrick Freer
Science Dr. Kadir Demir
Social Studies Dr. Chantee Earl